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CCK Project provides a global view of the sourcing world, developing a methodology which optimizes customer resources, minimizing risks, and providing them with the expected optimal result.

We are committed to leading the comprehensive purchasing process, facilitating communication between customer and supplier where linguistic or cultural gaps might otherwise be present, and obtaining the best manufacturer that meets the customer and product’s requirements.

Our competitive advantage

– Our permanent presence in Asia allows us to have direct contact with our suppliers. This establishes stronger business ties and allows us to see and know how suppliers operate, in depth.

– We carry out a free project evaluation in order to determine the feasibility of the project from a technical-economic standpoint. Our goal is to make it easier for you to make decisions in the early stages.

– We speak the same language; we understand each other. Our team can communicate in both Spanish and English, making it easy to interact with our customers.

– Our strength is found in our work methodology and experience. These are key factors in decision-making to reduce risks and ensure results.

– At CCK Project we understand that adapting to our customers is important to offer a personalized and professional service. Providing flexibility to your needs is part of our purpose.

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