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Here is how CCK’s FLEXIBLE comprehensive sourcing works

1.Project Analysis

CCK offers you the tools you need to determine the feasibility of your project and how to best implement it. After considering and analysing your requirements, we offer you a PRELIMINARY QUOTATION which will help you decide whether or not to move forward with the project.

2.Supplier assessment

There is a vast variety of suppliers on today’s market. As such, one should carefully consider productive capacity, responsiveness, technical-economic offer, and legal existence when choosing one. We understand that supplier selection is one of the key milestones in risk control. Therefore, we at CCK perform complementary FACTORY AUDITS to verify that information is consistent and the supplier can be trusted.

3.Product development

On today’s market, innovating and customizing your product sets you apart from competitors. CCK helps you turn your ideas into PROTOTYPES. We not only support you during the product’s manufacturing process but also while establishing PRODUCTION SPECIFICATIONS and QUALITY LEVELS (And if you don’t know about product REGULATIONS, we can help you with that too). After your product is evaluated and approved, you will have the FINAL PRODUCT in your hands.

4.Production control

Manufacturing a sample and mass production are two distinct processes and should be treated as such. At CCK, we first carry out SAFETY TESTS to ensure that the PREPRODUCTION SAMPLES comply with current regulations. Passing these safety tests allows us to move onto mass production, during which we perform QUALITY INSPECTIONS to ensure any deviations remain within the established quality levels. We conclude with LOADING SUPERVISION to safely send you the finished product. This will all take place within the framework of a controlled timeline, with deadlines set for various stages. You will receive frequent updates on our progress throughout the process.

5.Logistics and customs management

Customs information (Mainly duties and other requirements) helps you determine the feasibility of your project. In addition to providing you with the expected date of delivery as part of our detailed timeline, we will give you a clear and accurate TOTAL COST OF THE PRODUCT. When calculating this figure, CCK will include the duties to be paid once the products enter the destination country, along with other potential fees incurred.

6.After Sales Support

One of the most important values of CCK Project is sustainability, which is why we are committed to a long-term relationship with our customers. Before starting a joint project, we make sure to proceed only if we are able to provide you our best service. Once the product is delivered, we will accompany you in monitoring its performance long-term, revising its design as needed. If we have the pleasure of working on more projects with you, we can tailor our service to your business as we get to know each other better.

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